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Team Sponsorship/Fundraiser Information

Teams are welcome to solicit sponsorships from businesses or individuals, or do team fundraisers in order to defray the costs of tournaments, additional uniforms, or other bona fide team expenses.  If you want assistance in identifying fundraisers for your team, contact the Fundraising Coordinator, Kristie Oehrlein, at .

These sponsorships/fundraisers can be solicited in the name of Bear Creek Junior Sports Association, which is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, meaning the sponsoring organization may be able to take a charitable deduction on their taxes for the sponsorship as long as the following procedures are followed:

Soliciting Sponsorships

All sponsorship/fundraiser checks need to be made out to "BCJSA". 

All sponsorship checks need to be accompanied with a completed BCJSA Sponsorship Remittance Form.

Please let the Treasurer know about fundraising funds that will be coming in so the proper credit is given to the team.

All sponsorship/fundraiser checks and Remittance Forms need to be mailed or dropped off at the Bear Creek Junior Sports office at:
9804 W Girton Drive
Attn:  Judy Bonato
Lakewood, CO  80227
A Sponsorship Receipt will be sent to the sponsoring organization for their records.

Monies will be deposited and held for the team's use.

Requesting Sponsorship/Fundraiser Funds

Any requests by a team for use of their sponsorship/fundraiser funds will need to be accompanied by a completed Sponsorship Requisition Form

These completed and signed forms can be mailed or dropped off to the address above, or scanned and e-mailed to .

This form can be used to either:
  • Pay bills directly to a vendor (attach a copy of the bill and clearly state on the requisition that the payment is to be to the vendor)
  • Reimburse a team for expenses already paid (attach a copy of any receipts supporting the expense).  Note: Checks will ONLY be made out to the team, NOT an individual such as the coach or team mom.

Please allow some time for this process to happen.  We are all volunteers and have full-time jobs and kids in sports too!  One week turnaround time for check processing should be expected and planned for.

Any funds remaining at the end of the season can be transferred over to the SAME TEAM for the next season.  It is important to remember that these funds belong to BCJSA.  They are being held by the organization for use by the team for bona fide expenses.  If a team disbands with money remaining in their sponsorship account, those funds will revert to the baseball organization for use in its direct operations.

If you have any questions or want to check your team's balance, please feel free to leave a message for Judy Bonato, BCJSA Treasurer, at 303-489-9967 or e-mail me at .  I do have a full-time job so I will return messages in the evening.  I usually check e-mail frequently during the day so that may be a quicker way to reach me.

Have a great season!!