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BCJB provides baseball at four different levels.  Below you will find a basic description of each level along with some possible expectations that come along with each.

 Majors baseball provides competitive play for our top level players.  Teams at the Majors level are generally comprised of the most experienced and accomplished players in each age group.  Although BCJB does not dictate that majors teams play in a certain number of tournaments, we strongly endorse the coaches to seek the competition and environment found in tournaments.  Playing baseball at the Majors level takes a very strong commitment from both the players and parents.  It is not unusual for a Majors team to play 50-60  games per season (or more) starting in March with play lasting through mid-July.  League play for a  Majors team is designed with mid-week play to facilitate tournament play on the weekends. Costs associated with Majors level baseball can range from $800-$1300 per season including the league fees.  While this may seem high, the goal is to provide an opportunity to play the highest level of baseball possible at a comparatively reasonable price.

 AAA baseball is considered our “second” competitive level.  These teams are generally comprised of very good baseball players that have either not reached the Majors level yet or have chosen not to make the commitment to that level of play. Generally AAA teams will play in 4-7 tournaments per season, which again is at the discretion of the coaches.  Tournament play is not controlled by BCJB, but is strongly endorsed to facilitate the improvement of the players.   Costs associated with AAA teams can range from  $400-$800 per season including the league fees.

 BCJB considers AA/A teams to be our developmental level teams. Generally these teams are made up of players with less experience than the upper levels.  The coaches at this level are strongly encouraged to focus their attention on the development of fundamental baseball skills.  AA/A teams will play against teams of like experience and ability in league play.  The tournament experience is also available at the AA level.  AA coaches may choose to play in 1-3 tournaments per season to allow for the same improvement curve as the upper level teams.  Single A teams are mostly comprised of players new to the game and focus 90% of their attention on league play and developing fundamentals.  It is possible these teams may play in a tournament, but as above, this is up to the coaches and families.



1. What do the fee's I pay cover ?   The player's fees basically cover the game and practice fields, lights, baseballs, umpires, AYL association fees, uniforms, practice equipment, coaches clinics, BCJSA association fees and batting cage maintainance.....Historically we have charged less then the actual cost to provide the experience.  In the past we have used tournament revenue to off-set the gap in fee's and expenses.

2.  If I can not afford to pay the fees can my player still play?  Yes and no...While we are a "non-profit" organization BCJB is at the end of the day a pay to play league.  We have fixed costs that require the payment of players fee's to cover the expenses.  BCJSA does have the "Opportunity to Play Fund" for those that choose to apply.  From that fund we offer a limited number of 50% scholarships.  There are limitations on the number of sports you can apply for and the number of scholarships awarded to each family.  We are willing to do all we can to get every player on the field, but those that simply say they can not pay their fee's will not be eligible to tryout.  We worked tirelessly in the past to accommodate everyone and simply put that is no longer financially feasible.

3. What input does BCJB have on a coaches decision to play tournaments and fundraise ?  None, with the exception of the AYL in season and season ending league tournaments we do not tell coaches what tournaments to play or how to pay for them.  Is is accepted by most that the higher level teams will play more tournaments and incur additional costs, but those decisions are up to the coach/parent group to agree upon and work through.  For it to work there has to be teamwork between the coaches and parents !

4. Why can't the team have set practice days and times during the season?   BCJB is geographically land locked, therefore our field availability is limited to what we currently have.  We need to maximize our field use as much as possible so we try to minimimize the times that our fields sit empty.  With that, the practice schedule is intentionally built around each teams game schedule.  The practice schedule is put out every couple of weeks to allow for rain-outs and requested schedule changes.  If we put out the entire season's practice schedule up front teams would lose practice slots for re-schedules and other fields would sit empty while teams played make-up games.  We simply do not have the fields for that

5. Why do practices start at 4:00 ?    Our field "starting" time is determined by Foothills Park and Rec.  That is the time we start paying for the fields.  In order to get two full practices in during daylight hours we have to start at 4.  Every team gets 4:00 and 6:00 practices that they have to deal with.  Unfortunately it is not something we can work around or change at this time.

6.  Why can't we use lights for practice ?  Light costs run $47.50 per hour per field and go up every year.  Lights account for roughly 15% of our operating costs as it is, and we use them only for games.

7.  Why do we play three games one week then none the next ?  Why can't we have a balanced schedule ?  Similar answer to the ones above.  There are too many variables that go into building the schedules.  These include number and location of teams in the league, availability of fields, umpire availability, lights on different fields, desire to play the younger teams earlier and how that impacts the areas without lights.   Scheduling games for 500 plus teams is a huge logistical undertaking.  The system we have is not perfect, but pretty good.

8.  Who is responsible for the behavior of the parents and coaches ?  The coach is responsible for the behavior of his parents and spectators.  The coaches are accountable to the umpires first and ultimately to the Baseball Board for their actions and those of the fans.  BCJB will not tolerate behavior deemed to be detrimental to the organization and/or considered poor sportsmanship towards the opposition.  At the end of the day it is up to every Bear Creek member to safeguard our reputation and police each other. 

9.  Will there be a spring supplemental tryout for the Junior Baseball teams ?  Maybe.  We will tryout the players and build the rosters in October.  This facilitates winter workouts for the coaches that chose to do so.  Players that sign up after the after the October tryout will be placed on a waitlist and given spots as they become available.  If demand warrents it we may decide to hold a spring tryout to fill and/or build new teams.