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BCJB provides baseball at four different levels.  Below you will find a basic description of each level along with some possible expectations that come along with each.

 Majors baseball provides competitive play for our top level players.  Teams at the Majors level are generally comprised of the most experienced and accomplished players in each age group.  Although BCJB does not dictate that majors teams play in a certain number of tournaments, we strongly endorse the coaches to seek the competition and environment found in tournaments.  Playing baseball at the Majors level takes a very strong commitment from both the players and parents.  It is not unusual for a Majors team to play 50-60  games per season (or more) starting in March with play lasting through mid-July.  League play for a  Majors team is designed with mid-week play to facilitate tournament play on the weekends. Costs associated with Majors level baseball can range from $800-$1300 per season including the league fees.  While this may seem high, the goal is to provide an opportunity to play the highest level of baseball possible at a comparatively reasonable price.

 AAA baseball is considered our “second” competitive level.  These teams are generally comprised of very good baseball players that have either not reached the Majors level yet or have chosen not to make the commitment to that level of play. Generally AAA teams will play in 4-7 tournaments per season, which again is at the discretion of the coaches.  Tournament play is not controlled by BCJB, but is strongly endorsed to facilitate the improvement of the players.   Costs associated with AAA teams can range from  $400-$800 per season including the league fees.

 BCJB considers AA/A teams to be our developmental level teams. Generally these teams are made up of players with less experience than the upper levels.  The coaches at this level are strongly encouraged to focus their attention on the development of fundamental baseball skills.  AA/A teams will play against teams of like experience and ability in league play.  The tournament experience is also available at the AA level.  AA coaches may choose to play in 1-3 tournaments per season to allow for the same improvement curve as the upper level teams.  Single A teams are mostly comprised of players new to the game and focus 90% of their attention on league play and developing fundamentals.  It is possible these teams may play in a tournament, but as above, this is up to the coaches and families.


2023 Spring/Summer Try-Outs

Bear Creek Bears

2023 Spring/Summer Try-Outs
July 30th @ Schafer Athletic Complex

Please arrive 15 min early to get checked in and stretched

8u-10u: 9-11am
11u-12u: 11:30-1:30pm
13u-14u: 2-4pm


Any questions please reach out to

Opened: 06/24/2022
Closes: 07/29/2022

Open to: Boys & Girls
born on or after: 06/22/2004

In Grades: 3 to 8 for 2022-23 School year